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POLARIS – India’s leading Sports Brand, influential and intimately involved in shaping the sports in the country. As the originator of breakthrough technologies & innovative products, for decade Polaris has produced legendary classics and earned nation-wide legitimacy in each sport that it has participated in. Backed by generations of sportsmen, Polaris is the true INDIAN Iconic Sports Brand. Polaris is Indian leading manufacturer of sports equipment, footwear & accessories. Our core sports are Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Badminton and Running Established since 2005, Polaris is Headquartered in Jalandhar, India, our dedicated sales network spreads to more than 200 Dealers across India.


POLARIS is a Satya Sai International Brand


The constant efforts to achieve supremacy in evolving innovative technologies and cutting edge design, to develop breakthrough products that enhance the performance of all sportsmen, from the enthusiastic youngster to the seasoned professional.


We are committed to producing the finest sports equipments for Indian sports persons to help enhance their performance. We are proud to offer our world class sports equipments at an affordable price.

We strive to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide the consumers with the highest value for their money.

We are dedicated to continuously upgrading our technology & improving our product range & service, in order to offer benefits of our impeccable world class manufacturing facilities to India and other countries of the world as well.

We aim for a brighter future for all sports.